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Pure Vintage Member Benefits include unlimited listings in the Marketplace. The Marketplace allows buyers and sellers to conduct a private transaction without any additional parties or transaction fees. We do have members that provide private fee-based services including acquisition, authentication, transaction and delivery of vintage instruments should you need assistance.


A members-only, worldwide marketplace to buy and sell your vintage items.
No negative posts to interfere with your listing. All contact between buyer and seller is done through our private messaging feature.
If you’re a collector, a professional dealer or you just inherited your grandfather’s Pre-War Martin, this member-only Marketplace is for you. Someone is looking for your vintage item.
Other platforms post competing ads at the bottom of your listing while still deducting a transaction fee. Hardly seems fair. You will never share your listing space with other sellers.
Our membership-based model allows us to provide a clean interface free of distracting clutter from advertisers outside the Pure Vintage community.
Why give up over 7% of your sale to a 3rd party? The Pure Vintage Marketplace never charges a transaction fee as ours is a direct buyer to seller model.
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