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Where to Buy and Sell Vintage Guitars – Welcome to PureVintage.com – 6 Things To Know

Vintage Guitar

Vintage GuitarsWe love talking about, sharing, buying and selling vintage guitars and amplifiers! This is a community our team has wanted to create for close to a decade. Following a successful Beta launch in early February, we released Version 1 of the Pure Vintage website March 1, 2022. Here are some highlights for Vintage Guitar enthusiasts:

The Go To Community for the Finest Vintage Guitars on the Planet

First and foremost, a community united by a love for vintage guitars and amplifiers.  In this community you share and network with fellow enthusiasts of vintage guitars. Post your bands’s concerts and upload and drop your latest songs. There are many vintage guitar related Groups and Forums to join or feel free to create your own.  Use the events calendar to post upcoming concerts, vintage guitar shows and other upcoming activities of interest to the community. This is a member-driven community, so use it as your creative palette and make it your own. This is a robust platform with many capabilities that will be released in future versions. We can’t wait to share its features with you over the next few months.

Vintage Guitar MarketplaceBuy and Sell Vintage Guitars in The Marketplace

We’ve also created a Marketplace to help members buy and sell vintage guitars, amplifiers and accessories, including rare uncirculated pieces from noted international dealers as well as under-the-bed discoveries. We’ve already added additional categories to the Marketplace. If you’d like to see one added, let us know. Here’s the best feature of the Marketplace – “No Transaction Fees”. This is a service that allows buyers and sellers of vintage guitars to conduct their business in private without any 3rd party involvement. You’ll find a wide variety of vintage guitars and amplifiers listed in the Marketplace including classics from Martin, Fender, Gibson and Rickenbacker. Check  back frequently because new vintage guitars are being listed daily.

Vintage Guitar ForumsGroups Dedicated to Vintage Guitars

We’ve created and have made it easy for members to create special interest Groups. Share your stories, collections, questions and tips with other members. If you like to talk, you’ll find plenty of company in Groups.

Privacy and Security for You and Your Vintage Guitars

Pure Vintage does not accept any 3rd party advertising. We will never sell your personal data. Pure Vintage does not track your movements across the Internet. Because we operate as an international website, we’ve made a decision to be GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliant and will continue to update our policies in accordance to any future changes to that regulation. We hope that you’ll become a lifetime member, however, we do understand that some members will need to leave our community. Because we recognize that anything you’ve posted to Pure Vintage is your personal property, we’ve included an option to transfer your data to another member of your choosing and/or to “Forget You” completely by deleting every bit of your data from our servers

Our Membership Fee Structure

Guest Membership: Free to Join with Complete Access to all Areas on Pure Vintage

Pure Vintage Member: $3.99 per month – Unlimited Monthly Listings in the Marketplace for your Vintage Guitars

Pure Vintage Member Plus: $8.99 per month – Unlimited Monthly Listings in the Marketplace (Custom Digital/Retail Storefront Included) for Vintage Guitar Dealers

We are just starting to grow, so join Pure Vintage today and grow along with us. If you have any issues or questions, you can open a support ticket and we will respond to you quickly.

Many thanks and have fun buying, selling and discussing vintage guitars on Pure Vintage!

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  1. In addition, for a very low monthly fee you can post as many items as you desire. You will be able to set up events, offer lessons, expose your new music, and basically run your business while you keep the lion’s share of your revenues……

    The great thing about this site is it is “YOUR COMMUNITY” where no one is allowed to comment on your listings, there is no 3rd party noise competing with your business, and this isn’t only restricted to vintage musical instruments….It’s Pure Vintage, where you can sell anything vintage…vintage watches, vintage surfboards, vinyl, and on, and on….

    It’s all about “YOU” at Pure Vintage!

  2. the difference between the Pure Vintage Membership and the Pure Vintage Plus Membership, is that I’d have a custom space? but about listing is about the same?

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