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1949 Fender 5B4 Super Amplifier



Color: Tweed


Location: Annapolis, MD

"Tonally this amplifier is a monster capable of glassy cleans to screaming drive tones."

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About This Vintage Ad

For your consideration, Garrett Park Guitars presents this 1949 Fender 5B4 Super Amplifier.

Just in on consignment is this 1949 Fender Super. This amp features the 5B4 circuit along with the original power and output transformers. The power section and preamp section have been recently recapped giving this amp a bit cleaner tone. Both speakers have been replaced with Jensen P10R-Fs, along with the handle. The original speakers are included but need to be reconed. The original airline luggage (tweed) covering is 90% intact though it was painted green at some point and the top rear panel was re-covered.

Tonally this amplifier is a monster capable of glassy cleans to screaming drive tones. Although the headroom was cleaned up when this amp was recapped, it still has plenty of breakup on board. With the volume knob around 6, you can feel the tone begin to compress as the pre-amp drive takes over with the effect intensifying as you turn up the volume and tone. This 1949 Super is a great example of why Fender amps are so sought after, then and now.

Condition: Very Good

Serial Number: 800

Includes: Non-original Vinyl Cover

*This amplifier is on consignment so please, no trades.

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