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“What a great guitar! There is a reason these instruments are legendary. I have had 5 blackguards in the last 4 years, and this is the best. Gorgeous ash body, worn but original frets that play great, chunky V neck, and 7 pounds 6.4 ounces! The original owner gave this Tele to his nephew in the 70's. His nephew sold it to a buddy in the early 2000's, and I ended up with it a few months ago. Can't keep them all! Neck date is 7/27/53, neck pocket date is 7/8/53, and signed by Eddie Miller (aka EM). In the control cavity Mary signed it 7/22/53.
In the late 80's the bridge pickup quit working. Late 80's/early 90's it was sent it to Lindy to be rewound. The pickup is the original pickup, but has been rewound. The neck pickup is a newer Fender something neck pickup, and I do not have the original. The switch was replaced, but the original switch was in the case, along with the original saddles and we cleaned and reinstalled it. The pots are the original 304 3? (hidden under solder and XX4-325 (I think) pots. Tone cap is right, the low pass cap was gone and we bought a repro Luxe that looks correct. Bridge cover is not a 50's, but is an older, maybe 70's, Fender. Serial is 39XX. Worn but solid original case is included! I had this Friday at the Asheville guitar show March of 2022, and every dealer that picked it up lit up and were blown away with the resonance, neck, appearance and overall playability. It's not perfect, mainly due to the pickups, but otherwise is as nice a one as I have even owned and played, and better than most. Thanks for looking!”


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