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1954 First Series Prototype Danelectro



Color: Beige


Location: Murrieta, CA

" It's sounds pretty Dano-ish with some sweet lower tones unlike most Dano's of that era."

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About This Vintage Ad

Well, well, well…! A 1954 First Series Dano prototype. Let’s see. I got this thing from an old/new acquaintance. Long story, but interesting indeed. I got some info from Tulloch and Soest. The Dano guys. I’ve yet to send pics to Steve. Ok, back to the guitar… This thing is just plain crazy. The guard is some vacuumed formed plastic with the actual pickups, so to speak, taped to the inside of the little cavities under the guard…see pics. It has the full bell head stock and cool logo. The front and back tweed is a basket weave vinyl and the sides alligator. The neck is shot in nitro for sure. Check that neck out, with the aluminum rod running right through the neck and attaching deep inside the body…! Some engineering feat no doubt. Wow…! It also has the crazy way cool aluminum dot markers… Rosewood fret board and saddle. The jack plate looks homemade but it does the job. It’s sounds pretty Dano-ish with some sweet lower tones unlike most Dano’s of that era. We just set her up, put the BH on her gently as needed and she’s ready for a new home. Collector, artist, studio guy or cannibal…Comes with an early Dano hard shell case. Let us know if you need more info on the Dano. We usually get back the same day. Thanks, BH

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