1955 Gibson J-45 “Sunburst”




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About This Vintage Ad

Few acoustic guitars are as versatile as the Gibson J45. Whether you’re a songwriter or session man, a strummer, fingerpicker,  or anything in between, the Gibson J45 has proven the ultimate workhorse for those in need of a great acoustic guitar. While the banner logo era guitars are sought after by collectors, the guitars from the early 50s remain an affordable alternative that in many cases sound just as phenomenal. This 1955 model is the perfect example; it’s balanced tone and huge projection make this simply one of the best sounding flat tops in the shop. The guitar shows signs of player wear but is in great structural condition and is ready for another 60 years of service! The great playing ’50s neck profile is comfortable all the way up the fingerboard making this a difficult one to put down. If you’re looking fo the unmistakable sound only a “Golden Era” Gibson flat top can deliver, this is a total winner!

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