1957 Ampeg Amplifier “Rare”



Color: Grey


Location: Syosset, NY

1957 Ampeg Amplifier "Rare" in Excellent Vintage Condition

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About This Vintage Ad

This is an extremely rare Ampeg amplifier. The covering is a super rare mottled grey and black engrained pattern. The serial number from the hand written tube chart puts this amp as made in 1957. It has been gone through by my tech and is in good working condition. If you intend to gig with this amp you will want to replace the power cord. The speaker is a 12″ Utah. The vintage tube compliment includes Sylvania, RCA, Mullard, Raytheon and Zenith. The two 6V6 power tubes are matched vintage Sylvania. All tubes have been tested and are good. This is a super early Ampeg that sounds incredible and works great.

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