1958 Fender Jazzmaster “knuckle buster” tweed hardshell case



Color: Tweed


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About This Vintage Ad

Up for sale is a very tricky to find early Jazzmaster case!

Often referred to as the Fender “knuckle buster” as the middle latch on these models were positioned under the handle. This made carrying the case not as comfortable as the case re design would see the middle latch move to outside the handle in 1960s.
Dont hesitate on snagging this one if you have a 58/59 Jazzmaster, this is THE case for such an example should yours be “homeless”

The case functions completely across all hinges and latches. The handle also has its casing and is still firm and securely attached to the case. This is one of the most structurally sound knuckle buster cases to come up for a Jazzmaster in quite a while.

It is perfectly patinated and very vibey!

Happy to arrange international shipping on this case as well.

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