1959 Gibson Les Paul Custom “Black”



Color: Black


Location: Nashville

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About This Vintage Ad

One of the absolute “holy grail” electric guitars in the vintager world, it just doesn’t get much cooler than a 1959 Les Paul Custom! With its beautiful combination of an ebony finish, gold hardware, ebony fingerboard, block inalys, and bound headstock, as well as a trio of PAF humbucking pickups, this was truly a Cadillac of guitar designs. Of course it doesn’t end with great looks, these guitars are some of the best sounding, as well, and this is no exception. The original patent applied for pickups are a great example of what has made them the gold standard by which all other pickups are judged. The perfect ’59 neck profile makes this a delight to play, and with the original case, this is one of the cleanest examples we’ve had. Whether adding this to a collection or a studio arsenal, it just doesn’t get any better than this!

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