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1960’s Gibson GA-400 Head and Cab Combo Amp



Color: Brown Tolex


Location: Annapolis, MD

"Plugged into this amp, you get a nice warm and mellow tone and a very full low end with the bass dialed up."

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About This Vintage Ad

For your consideration, Garrett Park Guitars presents this 1960’s Gibson GA-400 Head and Cab Combo Amp.

This powerful three-channel, six-input GA-400 amplifier is in excellent condition with very little wear and is ready for the whole band to plug in. Each of the three channels features controls for Volume (Loudness), Treble, and Bass to give each mic or instrument its own EQ. Originally designed to pair with a jazz guitar like Gibson’s Super 400, this is one beast of a tube amp with plenty of clean headroom. Plugged into this amp, you get a nice warm and mellow tone and a very full low end with the bass dialed up. When this amp came to our shop, it wasn’t in working condition, but after a visit to our amp tech who replaced the power transformer (we have the original) it sounds just as good as it did sixty years ago coming off of the factory floor.

Serial Number: 470035

Condition: Excellent

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