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1961 Gibson ES-335TD Dot Neck



Color: Dark Sunburst


Location: Fort Lauderdale, FL

"Its got a nice flat 1 piece mahogany neck w/its famous “Dot” inlaid rosewood fingerboard."

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About This Vintage Ad

This is a very rare & desirable player grade early 1961 ES-335TD “Dot Neck” that is most guitar players favorite guitar that can be used for every type of music on earth. Its nicely faded Dark Sunburst finish looks fabulous. Its got a nice flat 1 piece mahogany neck w/its famous “Dot” inlaid rosewood fingerboard. Its equipped w/a set of Reissue PAF’s. It still sporting its original single line double ring Kluson tuners, black laminated pickgard, tun-a-matic bridge, stop tailpiece & chrome capped gold knobs. Its orange label is in great shape too. Now for the funky part: at some point in time she had a factory Varitone unit installed & a large hole ala Gretsch was opened up on its back side giving access to its pots & pickups. Now restored to its original std. setup & removing any traces of this Varitone, she has a round black plastic cover on its back side & exhibits 2 tiny filled bigsby holes & 1 larger hole filled from that Varitone unit in its top. Now ready to rock the world again, she’s as original as she now can be & excellent overall. She comes in its original Brown Tolex/Pink Lined hard case.

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