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1961 Gibson ES-345 TD with Original Brown Hard Shell Case with Bigsby



Color: Cherry


Location: Guitars West, Murrieta CA

with Original Brown Hard Shell Case with Bigsby

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About This Vintage Ad

Hey Gang! Just in…! First off. Look at what they’re asking for a ’66 to ’69…??? . Well this ’61 ES-345 TD may not look pretty, but literally will kick some mojo ass…!!! Cherry red with gold hardware. We’ve pulled the stereo controls completely out, as it was never needed in the first place but we do have them. So, let’s do the laundry list, please. Frets dressed. Gibson gold strap buttons. We put a repro stereo control plate and chicken head knob on. The perfect repro guard and truss rod cover are superb. I think that’s about it… The case is original. Brown with pink lining. Please enlarge pics to get a better look and ask as many questions as you want before you pull the trigger… The right hand side of the headstock face is a bit taddy as well at the back of the head stock. So be it. There is also a raised separation of the lamination south on the bass E string along with as small fissure below that. They have nothing to do with the structure of the guitar. The bottom left bout had a large sticker that’s been remove many moons ago. As you can see, the back of the neck has been worn to the mahogany and is super slick. I BH’ed it to the max, but did not want to take any of the voodoo away from it. Now the important stuff. You will never hear a screaming crying woman tone come out of a 345..! Until you play and hear this one…!!! That’s about all I can say… She is a player and a lover only. It’s the heart that counts… Let’s deal…!!!

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