1961 Gibson Les Paul Standard



Color: EBONY


1961 Les Paul Standard EBONY refinish, all original parts

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Fantastic 1961 Gibson Les Paul Standard which was Gibson factory stop-converted and Les Paul Custom Ebony refinished sometime around 1969 (exact date/record lost). Incredible patent-sticker humbucker tone. Classic slim-profile neck with that action you’ve only dreamt about. All original parts, with exception of stop tailpiece due to vibrato removal. The original hard case is in unusually nice condition for a 60-year-old guitar because the LP was usually transported and stored in an SKB hard plastic case. While these guitars have always had a reputation for being rather fragile, it’s one of the best players we’ve seen and a recording studio favorite for its action and its tone.

A while back, the output jack was pulled out of the top of the guitar along with a piece of the top surface of the wood from the bridge volume pot to the bottom front edge of the guitar. It was clean enough to be hide-glued back together, but it’s still pretty compromised. The area around the jack had been loose and the finish cracked around it quite a white before the jack was yanked out completely. Other than this, the guitar plays extremely well, all the electronics work, tuning and intonation is accurate, and the neck takes adjustment fine.

And about the refinish:
While the refinish is a professional job, the provenance about the factory involvement is unverifiable. Current owner has had the guitar since early 1981, and was told by the previous seller that it was something that was done in 1969 by the original owner purely for cosmetic reasons. The owner didn’t like the original Gibson vibrato setup (you can faintly see the holes), and, as long as it was it the shop, the owner said Paint It (LPC) Black.

In an effort to put to rest some obvious questions over the past 40 years about the refinish covering up hidden damage, the guitar was recently x-rayed at an industrial facility. Images were taken at the neck/body joint and at the headstock/nut. The results were inconclusive, mostly due to the awkward angles and the size limitations of the machine, along with the material that the guitar had to be mounted to. There were no obvious signs of breaks or the usual indications of pro repairs that you would find for damages to these areas. We are in the process of looking for another imaging service, but they don’t come cheap. The x-ray images on the page are lower resolution files; if anyone is interested, higher resolution files are available. Please let us know if you would like to see them; we’d be glad to send them to you and would welcome your feedback and opinions.

The selling price is about the current value for the original parts alone. A great set of electronics for that 1957-1967 Les Paul Standard restoration project you’re working on. Two patent-sticker humbuckers plus all the wiring, an ABR bridge without the retaining wire, Gibson-branded Grover tuners.and all the original plastic and knobs. The stop tailpiece looks 1969 period-correct (or earlier). And the original faux alligator case in excellent condition. Did I forget to mention the tone that comes with these parts?


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