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1961 Slab Board Precision Bass




Location: St. Augustine, FL

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project, but the bones are good, if you want to restore this bass to its roots.

Owned by a jazz player from NYC, the original owner had his name engraved on the neck plate, and he made it fretless long before it became popular
(Or possible to order from Fender).  The Brazilian Rosewood fretboard is just outstanding, and the slab is thick with a perfect radius.

When the second owner bought it in 1971, it had already been refinished once (Badly) so he used leather dye to tint it red.  You can see the grain clearly on the back of the bass.  He also (it was the 70’s) changed out the nut for that brass one that everyone else quickly replaced in the 80’s. (It’s still there)

When we received it, it still had the Badass brass bridge and Schecter pickups that the 2nd fellow added.

The pickguard is not original, but was taken from a 71 P Bass and installed in about 1975.

If you have the right parts for restoration, or if you need a correct dated neck, consider this survivor.

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