1963 Marshall Metal Badge “Sandwich Model” JTM-45



Color: Coffin Logo Sandwich Model


Location: Los Angeles

Due to the limited production numbers, the "Sandwich Model" JTM-45 is a rare bird as it is one of the first centrally located chassis amplifiers. Produced By Jim Marshall between 1962-1963. This is a collector and artist favorite because of the amplifier's unique tone and limited production numbers

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1963 Marshall Metal Badge “Sandwich Model” JTM-45


Marshall All White Front 45
Manufactured between 1962-1963
Center Mounted Cabinet
All White RS Grill (pre-split black / white front)
Metal Badge / Coffin Logo
Tighter spacing between the Inputs + Polarity Switch (Closer than the later 63 JTM 45 Amplifiers)
Metal / Chrome Face Plate
RS Mains / Output
Large Black Choke (only found the first prototype / pre-production amplifiers)
Internally / Externally Original
Condition 8/10 (good with light/normal tolex wear)
Rarity – The above is one of around 5-10 original all white front, centrally mounted chassis amplifiers produced by Marshall as a transitional model between the early prototype offset cabinet and the later split white front.

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