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1964 Fender Stratocaster Lake Placid Blue



Color: Lake Placid Blue


Location: 1021 S Main St China Grove, NC, 28023

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About This Vintage Ad

We have had some great Strats come through this year, and this is one of the better ones. This Strat popped up on Facebook marketplace earlier this year in the mid teens, and a good friend drove to Tennessee and bought it. The guitar was fully original other than the finish on the body- it had 3 different spray can colors, which is bad enough, but down deep one could see what I felt was the original color, which was Lake Placid Blue. We sent it to Coop Guitars and had a slightly greened out LPB with light checking done, and she’s beautiful. Original frets with some fret wear. Other than a couple ground solder joints all the wiring looks factory. The neck is dated 12/63, pot codes are the third week of 1964 (I believe that is correct), black bottom pickups, original switch, parts all appear stock, just the body has been refinished. There is really not much to explain away. The fretboard has some wear, and if I was gig with it I would like some bigger frets, but we did a basic set up and it plays well. I believe we have the original case, black with no logo but it has a broken back and is in 2 pieces, like someone took it down to repair it, and then never did. We are including a black 70’s case in decent shape, if you would like both, just pay the shipping on the no logo case. The back plate was gone but we may have oe, just haven’t looked. A killer guitar in a great color. Thanks for looking!

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