1965 Epiphone Olympic Cherry Red



Color: Cherry Red


Location: New York, NY

"Plays and sounds fantastic. Remarkably light and resonant example."

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About This Vintage Ad

Vintage original 1965 Epiphone Olympic.

Made by Gibson in the USA in the Gibson factory in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Plays and sounds fantastic. Remarkably light and resonant example.

All original with the exception of the trem arm tailpiece which was removed so the guitar plays as a wraparound. Plays better that way with more sustain and resonance.

Original pickup is warm, punchy and full of classic vintage tone.

Clean and original example, no cracks or breaks. Someone wrote some numbers on the top of the back of the headstock not sure why but they are there.

This is a real gem of a vintage Gibson for a nice price.

Comes with a hard case too.

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