1965 Gibson Firebird I “Sunburst”




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“Here’s a very rare, transitional era Firebird I! This 1965 example features the earlier “Reverse” body style and headstock with a single mini-humbucking pickup and wraparound tailpiece, but does not have the “banjo” Style tuners found on 63-4 models but rather standard Kluson tuners. The unbeveled headstock and neck are similar to what would later be found on a Non Reverse Firebird and the three color Sunburst finish is typical of a 1965 Gibson. This guitar features an original “Stinger” headstock and is free from any breaks or repairs. Perhaps most associated with Eric Clapton and Stephen Stills, the Firebird I is a rare model and clean examples do not appear very often. This is a great sounding guitar in original condition with a very unique set of transitional features making it an awesome addition to any collection!”

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