1966 Fender Electric XII “Candy Apple Red”




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About This Vintage Ad

“Just in! This incredible “Custom Color” Fender Electric XII features a stunning and original “Candy Apple Red” finish with a matching headstock! The short-lived Electric XII model is a rare enough find but custom color examples in great shape hardly come up for sale these days. Used by players like Jimmy Page and Pete Townshend both live and in the studio on some of the most recognizable guitar parts in rock n’ roll, the Electric XII offers the distinct “Chime” afforded by a 12 string electric guitar but with the playability and versatility of a Fender instrument. The comfortable, medium “C” shaped ’66 neck profile make this a phenomenal playing guitar, while the original split/single coil pickups are strong and articulate for an unmatched clarity when plugged in.”

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