1966 Fender Strat w/ Cream Case – Unicorn!


Color: Starburst


1966 Fender Stratocaster with 1964 Cream Case

About This Vintage Ad

This strat was purchased from Marvin Kay’s music by the original owner in 1966.  It was put into storage just a few years later, and now it’s available for sale for the first time.  No excuses, and a true time capsule guitar.  The owner was apparently offered a choice of cases, and he took the earlier cream case.  At the Arlington guitar show last week, I was offered $1,500 for just the case, but decided not to separate a pair that had been together for 50+ years.  If there’s a better 66’ example in the universe, it’s capped by the cream case from 64’. And absolute rare beauty! More pictures to come soon!

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