1966 Gibson J-45 Sunburst w Vintage Original Hard Case



Color: Sunburst


Location: New York, NY

"This one has a real great vibe and sound."

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About This Vintage Ad

Vintage original 1966 Gibson J-45 in original Sunburst finish.

This one has a real great vibe and sound.

Guitar plays and sounds fantastic with a classic vintage Gibson tone a la the Stones, and so many other great records. Nice and light and resonant example perfect for recording.

Has a nice, slim neck that plays great all the way up and down. Real easy to get around on. No buzz or issues.

It has several surface cracks non of which have gone through the top. They are basically cosmetic.

The tuners are the original single tuners circa ’66 and ’67 one of which has been changed with a similar tuner.

Comes with vintage original hard case with a replaced handle.

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