1967 Framus 5/116 -52 thinline electric guitar sunburst OHC




Location: China Grove NC

About This Vintage Ad

This was, as described to me a new old stock guitar that had the scarf joint on the headstock separate. The headstock and the neck are joined together at a 45 degree angle, the joint had come lose, and it sat in the back of the guy’s shop for decades, until the shop closed. Pretty clean, the pickups and electronics work, some of the metal, like the pickups had oxidized from sitting in the original hard case for so long, and we cleaned all that up as best we could. We reglued the joint, over sprayed it with nitro and buffed it out- looks great, solid, the neck is straight and it’s ready to boogie, actually turned out nicer than we thought it would. The year, 1967 is an estimate- I would think mid to late 60’s. The 4 little switches in the upper bass bout are pickup off/on, for each pickup, and a tone switch for each pickup. One volume and 2 tone controls, original whammy bar, a really nice example of a very cool guitar. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns. Thanks for looking!

Coleman Music
1021 South Main St.
China Grove, NC, 28023

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