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1968 Fender Bandmaster Set



Color: Silverface


68 Fender Bandmaster "drip-edge" silverface set

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1968 Fender Musical Instruments “Drip Edge” Bandmaster set in excellent condition. This is the model they DIDN’T use in the Beatles doc. Although there is no tube chart, original blackface circuit is present and was confirmed by tech who went over amp. Amp has had some common modifications, done by the previous owner (who had serious electronics experience himself), as follows:

Two modifications were made to the amp; both of which required no drilling of any extra holes anywhere, and are easily reversible to original specifications. A triode/pentode switch was installed where the ground switch was. (A 3-prong cord was also added at the same time. This may need to be replaced depending on what’s under the electrical tape where it appears the cord may have taken some melt from contact with hot tubes.) This mod allows switching between the full Bandmaster 40 watt (pentode) mode and the Deluxe-level 22 watt (triode) mode. Tech referred to this as an “indoor/outdoor switch”; the tone is pretty much is the same but with more volume when you need it. In triode, think of the sound of a cranked-up Deluxe running through a big 2-12 closed back cabinet.

The other mod was the addition of a negative feedback circuit. This was installed where the extension speaker jack was. The original owner had a simple mini switch on this; tech suggested putting in a pot for finer tonal adjustment. (We are not familiar with what a NF circuit is, does, or sounds like, so we won’t make a judgement about it.) While the mods done by the previous owner were common and done correctly, he used cheap parts. Everything was replaced with quality parts, keeping the mods intact.

In addition, has a set of Groove Tubes and Mojotone “Fender Jensen-like” replacement speakers.

Vibrato works fine across the range, no foot switch, though. Cosmetically, in great shape. We have tried to show every angle of the unit. Grille cloth has some small holes, there are minor scuffs to the tolex (no tears), some tarnish to the hardware, everything you would expect from a 55 year old amp. Has not seen a lot of travel and hasn’t moved out of our rehearsal space since we got it 5 years ago. Still used in rehearsal once or twice a month. All in all, a great sounder, perfect for recording or that big rehearsal space. Home-made dolly not included.

Local (60612) pickup; currently at our 3rd-floor space. Would consider local delivery if reasonable; give us a call, drop us a line.

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