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1969 Ludwig Psychedelic Red Drum Set



Color: Psychedelic Red


Location: 3331 N.E. Hancock St.

I'll be happy to shoot more photos if any interested buyers would like more focused attention to detail. If shipping out of the Pacific Northwest is necessary, it'll probably add $200-$300.

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About This Vintage Ad

Beautiful and Rare, 1968-69 Ludwig psychedelic red drums in mostly unfaded condition. I’d say the bass drum shows a slight bit more fade than the rack or floor tom. The drums: 8 X 12, 16 X 16, 14 X 20. The bass drum has two groups of four small holes each on the bottom and one larger hole, (See photos). Without the presence of these alterations, this set would probably be listed for 4K or more and makes this rare and unusual wrap quite affordable.

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