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1971 Fender Deluxe Reverb




Location: 1021 S Main St China Grove, NC, 28023

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About This Vintage Ad

We got this from the original owner with a 1970 Strat, both he purchased new, about an hour from us. The front pop off baffle was in really poor shape, so had a new one made, and regrilled with the original logo installed. The amp was fully serviced, new filter and bypass caps, the caps on the driver circuit were leaking and they were replaced. The original parts are in the back. Driver and phase inverter circuits were put back to PreCBS specs. The original speaker rattled, so had it reconed. The best tech I know worked on the amp, and the best reconer I know did the recone, and we spared no expense to make this amp sound killer. Average condition, not ragged out but used, but solid and ready to rock. Thanks for looking!

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