1972 Dan Armstrong London “Cherry”




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One of the most innovative guitar builders and repairmen of his Day, Dan Armstrong is the mind behind countless popular effects, guitars, and pickup designs that are still copied today. His famous Lucite guitars and basses of the late 60s and 70s found favor with everyone from The Rolling Stones to Black Flag. After moving operations to the UK, the London series Dan Armstrong guitars debuted. With only about 333 known to have been made, this early example features the more rare, symmetrical double cutaway design as seen pictured with David Bowie. The Ken Armstrong designed sliding pickup design allows for a huge array of sounds based on where the humbucking pickup is positioned. It has a fantastic mahogany neck with a Brazilian rosewood fingerboard and the perfect neck profile, similar to a 59 Gibson shape. The double cut mahogany body is exceptionally resonant and will feel familiar to fans of the Les Paul Jr. models. This guitar appears to have had a neck reset but is an otherwise great example of this incredibly rare instrument; a true piece of guitar design history!

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