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1972 Univox Super-Fuzz Pedal



Color: Grey


Location: Fort Lauderdale, FL

1972 Univox Super-Fuzz Pedal in Excellent Condition

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One of the classic Fuzz pedals, the Univox Super-fuzz was produced in Japan starting in the late ’60s. This pedal’s circuit was also used by a number of other companies later on. The original Super-fuzz used two germanium diodes and is celebrated for its unique square-like octave fuzz sound.

The U-1093/U-1095 Univox Super-Fuzz fuzz pedal represents a key part of Pete Townshend’s classic stage sound. He used versions of the Univox Super-Fuzz between 1968 and 1978. You can hear the effect clearly in recordings from this era — the signature “buzz saw” sound during leads and rave-up outros.

Pete began using the Super-Fuzz in late 1968, likely November or December, with the first documented occasion being the Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus in Wembley on 11 Dec. 1968, which also represents Pete’s and John’s first known use of their Hiwatt-badged Sound City stacks.

He used the first version of the Univox Super-Fuzz, the metal grey version, on stage from late 1968 to mid- to late-1971, when he switched to the reddish-orange die-cast version with the large pedal surface. He used this version until 1978, where the last use of the pedal was 15 May 1978, at the Shepperton show filmed for The Kids Are Alright.

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