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1974 Fender Stratocaster



Color: Black, of course


1974 Fender Stratocaster, 3-bolt maple neck, original black finish, staggered pole pieces, all original parts, OHSC.

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1974 Fender Stratocaster, 3-bolt maple neck, original black finish (74 was last year black was listed as a “custom” color), staggered pole pieces, all original parts. After decades of Position I chords, frets were worn down in spots almost to fingerboard. Guitar recently underwent complete refret, new nut, sanding and relacquer of entire fingerboard. With the neck work, setup, and fresh strings, looks and plays like brand-freaking-new.

Legend from previous owner was that when the guitar was relatively new it was in a bar fight and took a few licks, evidenced as shown in the photos. Otherwise in overall excellent condition with minimal marking; great care was obviously taken after historical brawlroom event. Original whammy bar, Fender strap (padding under pad worn off) and Stratocaster Instruction Manual. There was always a single-ply white back panel in the case, looks original to the guitar, holes line up, installed with new screws. Original red-lined Fender hard shell case in excellent condition.

NOTE: Black guitars are incredibly difficult to photograph. Especially in trying to show all of the imperfections and getting a good balance on the white parts. In these photos, most of the body areas that show unevenness of color, white streaks or colored patterns are usually showing reflections. Any finish damages or imperfections of color are always addressed in text and shown in photos the best way we know how.

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