1975 Veleno Original Polished Aluminum




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About This Vintage Ad

One of the rarest finds in the vintage electric guitar market; we are proud to offer for sale this original 1975 Veleno guitar! Built in St. Petersburg Florida by John Veleno, this revolutionary design features a completely metal construction with a body plated in Polished Aluminum finish for a reflective chrome look. These striking and innovative guitars could be seen with many of the era’s top stars, including Marc Bolan of T-Rex, Gregg Allman, Mark Farner of Grand Funk Railroad, and Ace Frehley of Kiss. These almost never appear for sale and this original example includes all the original Veleno paperwork, including a finish sample sheet, manual, and a letter with pricing options signed by John Veleno himself. This is a very rare opportunity to own a vintage guitar with near mythic status.

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