1976 Gibson Explorer “Mahogany”




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About This Vintage Ad

After debuting the radically designed Korina Explorer model in the late 50s to minimal excitement, Gibson retired this unique body design until the mid 70s. These featured mahogany construction with a slightly different control layout and tuners but kept the futuristic body and headstock design. This 1976 model is a fantastic example of the 2nd generation explorer; light weight and with a fantastic playing mahogany neck, a pair of humbucking pickups and the original hardshell case. This guitar was professionally oversprayed at some point in its life and features replacement pickups making it an ideal choice for a player. Original Korina examples are some of the most coveted and pricey vintage guitars on the planet but the re-introduction in the 70s remain fantastic guitars for anyone wanting the distinct look and feel of these truly unique guitars.

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