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1982 Fender Jazz Bass



Color: Black


Early 1982 Fender Jazz bass, bound rosewood dot-neck, S8 serial number, original black finish, OHSC.

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Early 1982 Fender Jazz bass, bound rosewood dot-neck, S8 serial number, original black finish. Finish is in excellent condition, front and back, with minimal scratches and dents; sides of body on treble bouts have some slight scuffing, Pilot holes were drilled for a tailpiece cover, but one was never installed. Gorgeous bound rosewood neck with minimal playing wear, one of the last of the 3-bolt necks. 1982-style hardware specs with white pickup covers and white plastic knobs, yet on an earlier chrome Jazz control panel. Weighs in at 10-1/2 lbs. Original purple-lined transitional aftermarket (pre-molded plastic cases) no-Fender-logo, deluxe black tolex hard case in very good condition; all hardware and hinges intact; some small tears in the tolex and the leather ends; handle hardware is weakened and broken plastic handle has been crudely, but effectively, repaired.

An incredible player with that great Fender Jazz tone. Not enough credit is given for the quality of these early “Smith basses” with their deep body contours and neck profiles more like the old ones.

NOTE: Black guitars are incredibly difficult to photograph. Especially in trying to show all of the imperfections and getting a good balance on the white parts. In these photos, most of the body areas that show unevenness of color, white streaks or colored patterns are usually showing reflections. Any finish damages or imperfections of color are always addressed in text and shown in photos the best way we know how.

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