1982 Fender JV Stratocaster Two Tone Sunburst w Original Case



Color: Sunburst


Location: New York, NY

" Looks so much like a real '57 it's nutso."

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About This Vintage Ad

Original 1982 Fender JV Stratocaster from 1982. Neck is pencil dated 5-24-82 and all pickups and wiring is completely original. This guitar looks like the real deal, a real circa 1957 Stratocaster! This is the real deal, a Japanese Vintage 1982 ’57 re-issue Stratocaster.
Original two tone Sunburst finish is stunning, and honestly worn in all the right ways. Looks so much like a real ’57 it’s nutso. Neck feels amazing, just like the real deal. It is straight and true and plays great all the way up and down. Features a soft V profile neck, original Fender single coil Strat pickups, original wiring and finish. There is a small route where the bridge pickup is but the guard and the original pickups have never been altered.
Comes with original Fender hardshell case.

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