1987 Jackson Dinky Guitar, Maple Board One Pickup Red Crackle Finish! OHC



Color: red crackle


Location: 1021 S Main St China Grove, NC, 28023

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About This Vintage Ad

A really cool example, killer look and in really nice condition. The 16XX serial number puts it earlier 1987, early production model. When we got this Jackson the midboost was unhooked, and had an EMG in it. We bought a reissue 1200 midboost, found a proper ring and installed an older Duncan Distortion we had- I was a Jackson dealer in 1987 and most we sold we swapped out the pickup for either an EMG 81, or Duncan Distortion or JB, these days passive seems to be in, so went there. The original Jackson pickup cover is in the case, if you wanted (or wanted us) to install it over the pickup. Virtually no fret wear, the maple board (don’t see those often) is in nice shape, and no big dings or gouges on the all over crackle finish. This guitar screams 80’s, and is really a great guitar. The Floyd is in nice shape, square wood/vinyl Jackson case, just as cool a package as it gets. Thanks for looking!

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