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1988 Mesa Boogie Limited Edition Mark III Blue Stripe Simul-Class



Color: Natural


Location: Fort Lauderdale, FL

1988 Mesa Boogie Limited Edition Mark III Blue Stripe Simul-Class in Exceptional Condition

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About This Vintage Ad

We have available 1 of the coolest Boogie amps ever…check out this Mesa Boogie, Limited Edition Mark III Blue Stripe. Serial Number 094. One of the most important amps Mesa Boogie’s history, the Mark III launched in 1985 and brought a third “crunch” channel the party, offering even more versatility to an already-winning formula of paint-peeling volume and a wider range of tones than any of the mass-produced amps of the time. Slightly revised each year from 1985 – 1989, most of these amps will come with Reverb and Presence controls on the rear panel and, though it was optional, the 5-band graphic equalizer made it onto a majority of Mark IIIs. The Mark III was delivered in a variety of configurations — 60- and 100-watt heads and 1×12″ combos, as well as with the “Simul-Class” power section from the Mark IIB which runs the outer pair of power tubes (either EL34 or 6L6 as triodes) in Class-A while the inner pair of 6L6s runs Class-AB. She’s exceptionally clean & comes w/a nice flight case on casters.

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