1989 Gibson Les Paul R7 Prehistoric Gold Top




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About This Vintage Ad

Beginning in the 1980s, discerning guitar players began to demand a Les Paul built to the specifications of the pre-Norlin era instruments. The “pre historic” guitars were built in small numbers, pre-dating the Custom Shop reissues available today. The have features like a solid mahogany body with maple tops, single piece mahogany neck with no headstock volute, 50’s style top carve, and a ’59 shaped neck profile. Most of these feature a flamed sunburst finish but a few Goldtops were made as well. This is one such rare example. It features a beautiful “Gold” finish much closer to the original shade than many modern “Goldtops”. A great playing guitar perfect for anyone looking for a 50’s Style Les Paul and a piece of Gibson history!

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