1995 Gretsch Duo Jet Sparkle Jet G6129 Pre Fender OHC Red Sparkle!



Color: Red Sparkle


Location: 1021 S Main St China Grove 28023

About This Vintage Ad

Sometimes you just grab something on impulse cause it’s so freakin’ cool, and this qualifies! I mean, RED SPARKLE! It’s a huge wow factor, overall nice shape with some light players wear. The serial number puts it at 1995, Pre Fender, Model 129. The Filtertrons sound great, looks fully stock, some moderate fret wear on the first 3 frets, but doesn’t seem to affect playability at all. Nine pounds, 9 ounces, wiser thinner neck. The sparkle top is in great shape and isn’t pulling loose or shrinking. Not much to point to and explain, just a beautiful solid instrument. Original hard case, no paperwork. Thanks for looking!

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