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1995 R.C. Allen Leader Archtop



Color: Natural


Location: Fort Lauderdale, FL

1995 R.C. Allen Leader Archtop in Near Mint Condition

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About This Vintage Ad

Richard C. Allen better know as R.C. or Dick was one of the most talented guitar builders that was unknown by most of the guitar buying public. He started out making guitars for so many famous people the likes of Merle Haggard & many other country artists. He made some solid bodies mimicking the original Bigsby guitars but most famous for his super high line electric Arch Tops like his “Aristocrat” & this 1-off “Leader” made specifically for one Willie Moseley, most well known as 1 of “Vintage Guitar Magazines” best known writers. Its was ordered in this stunning book matched very figured Birdseye Maple in a Blonde finish all over w/very intricate colorful checker bindings. Along w/some very special electronics having a set of black P-90’s personally hand wound by Seymour Duncan himself w/documentation. Its headstock has a lovely pearl logo for its 1st caretaker & Gretsch style thumbprint inlays in its rosewood fingerboard. Also sporting a pair of cool black pointer knobs, all gold parts & a 3 way switch controlling all options for some great tone versatility. Its original label is shaped like a sheriff’s badge & is the 4th Leader ever produced. It comes w/an old 1994 article on R.C. from VG magazine covering 2 full pages, 2 letters from Willie himself stating all specifics of its origins & the Seymour Duncan personal note to Willie. It’s truly near mint & comes in its original black hard case

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