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2002 Fender AVRI Stratocaster 62 reissue



Color: Black


2002 Fender AVRI Stratocaster, 62 Reissue

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2002 Fender 62 AVRI Stratocaster in excellent condition. Great playing rosewood neck (nut width 1.669 in.,12th fret 2.037 in.). All original parts, staggered pole pieces on the pickups, four-bolt neck, standard Strat tremolo system. Weighs in at just over 7 lbs. Black finish does have some nicks on the back bottom edge and edge of lower treble bout. Guitar was shipped with original three-way switch installed. Fender did supply a 5-way switch as part of the case candy, and that switch had been installed a while ago; three-way switch is in the case.

SPECIAL NOTE: A few years ago, after years of use, the guitar was refret with medium jumbo frets. As part of the refret, the guitar underwent the PLEK procedure, making this an awesome player which has seen little use since.
For more: https://plek.com

Original tan G&G USA made Fender gold-lined case is in superb condition because the guitar spent any time away from home in a generic hard plastic Strat case.

NOTE: Black guitars are incredibly difficult to photograph. Especially in trying to show all of the imperfections and getting a good balance on the white parts. In these photos, most of the body areas that show unevenness of color, white streaks or colored patterns are usually showing reflections. Any finish damages or imperfections of color are always addressed in text and shown in photos the best way we know how.

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