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2011/14 Schroeder Amplification DB7 40W Head Painted By Pamelina



Color: Hand Painted Psychedelic by Pamelina


Location: Fort Lauderdale, FL

2011/14 Schroeder Amplification DB7 40W Head Painted By Pamelina in Exceptional Condition

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About This Vintage Ad

This is a very rare, special ordered & hand wired DB7 40w Head by Tim Schroeder Amplification in Chicago & now not only out of production but Tim retired from making Amps. Our friend Scott Vulitec ordered 2 of these heads when new from 2011. Tim Schroeder was a world renown low watt amp inventor w/some of the best ideas in the biz.

Scott bought an original 2007 Stratocaster hand painted by “Pamelina” herself & known as the “Psychedelic” Stratocaster completed on 10/28/05 & bought new by Scott from Lancing Ill. at Make ‘n Music on 07/10/07. Now having a good working relationship w/Pamelina, 1 of Fenders Custom Shop best artists responsible for the Marilyn Monroe Strat for starters. Scott made a package deal w/her to paint a Head to match his Strat. Together she named the set “Tree Cell” for obvious reasons. Pamelina was 1st registered by the Fender factory in December 1997. She’s 1 of the most sought after artist for the last 25 years. Let alone this set w/or w/out its matching Strat, will be 1 of the most valuable pieces of great gear on the market.

Today if you can find one, a single standard DB7 Head would be at least $7500. by itself. The “Pamelina” connection is priceless but we have priced it fairly up front. The following description below is for a Schroeder SA9 head which was the 3rd transition of this original DB7 Head. Not much info is out there since its been out of production for 7-8 years. It’ll give you an idea of what these amps are all about:


The Schroeder Amplification SA9+ Amplifier Head is an evolution of the DB7.

This high-headroom musical instrument amplifier was originally designed with Nels Cline and Wilco. Known for its clean sustain, chime, and clarity, it rewards players who have a dynamic touch. Basically what you put in is what you get out…

Sonically the SA9 and the SA9+ are very similar and share the same control layout and functionality. The differences between the SA9 and SA9+ versions are that the Schroeder Amplification SA9+ Amplifier Head has a newly designed power transformer with additional taps. Also, additional power supply components in the SA9+ are used to convert and fine-tune certain voltages used in the preamp. I have also developed a Solid State rectifier circuit developed specifically for the “+” model.

The results are immediately noticeable. Almost ZERO 60 cycle hum is generated by the amp. Notes emerge from a black or silent background, allowing for very subtle nuances and colors to be recognized while we experience a much smoother and relaxed tone. Effortless and instant power makes for a more dynamically rewarding playing experience, satisfying on all levels. Due to the new rectifier design, reliability is even greater than before.

Used for…Both clean and heavily effected electric guitar, Moderate volume, electric and upright bass, Amplifying classical nylon string guitars. Amplifying steel-string acoustic guitars & some Pedal Steel. Check out the spec on these heads below:

Tube compliment: 1X Tung-Sol 6SL7, 2X Sovtek 12AX7LPS, Pair Tung-Sol KT66

Front Panel (left to right): 1/4″ input, 3-way bright switch, Volume, Treble, Mid Slope, Middle, Bass, Presence, Standby switch, Pilot lamp, Power switch.

Rear Panel (left to right): 2A Slo 20mm fuse, 500mA Slo fuse, Neutrik “Power One” female power socket, 3X “Tip jacks” (for bias measurements), 1/4″ 4 Ohm out, 1/4″ 8 Ohm out, 1/4″ 16 Ohm out.

Dimensions: 11 3/8″ Deep x 10 5/8″ Tall x 21″ Long

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