2013 Gibson Les Paul Collector’s Choice #8 The Beast “Sunburst” Jay Jay French Owned




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About This Vintage Ad

One of the most recognizable “Bursts” on the Planet, 9 1914 known as “The Beast” is the quintessential example of what makes the ’59 Les Paul the gold standard. Owned and used to great effect by original Whitesnake guitarist Bernie Marsden, “The Beast” was painstakingly recreated by the Custom Shop in 2013 as part of a limited “Collector’s Choice” run. This aged example is 181 of 300 guitars and was owned by Twisted Sister guitarist and founder Jay Jay French! In addition to the original case candy included with a collector’s choice instrument, this guitar will include several sets of Jay Jay’s custom strings and picks, as well as a copy of his autobiography Twisted Business. With every detail of the famous vintage Les Paul recreated, it just doesn’t get any closer to the real thing!

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