2014 Gibson SGJ 120th Anniversary



Color: Worn Black


Location: Syosset, NY

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About This Vintage Ad

2014 Gibson SGJ: Thie guitar is what I believe to be an SGJ 120th Anniversary. It has the 120th Anniversary banner on the fingerboard. There is no J on the truss rod cover and no sign that it was removed. The finish is heavily worn but the frets show just a hint of fret wear. This is how I got the guitar. The neck is a 60’s Slim tapered and gets pretty big toward the body end. The finish has been removed from the back of the neck and it is super smooth! It is a 24 fret fingerboard. The pickups are the original ’61 PAF style. The knobs are reflector style. It has one extra strap pin hole on the back of the upper horn. The pickguard may be added but it looks factory. The guitar weighs 6lbs, 13oz. It has just been set up with 10 gauge strings and plays and sounds great. It will ship in the Gator hard shell case as shown.

Please view all of the photos to complete the description.  Additional photos available upon specific request.

Guitars can experience changes due to temperature and humidity differences during shipping that may require minor adjustments.  In addition, I can not predict how you would like your instrument set up.  If you can not make these adjustments yourself you should expect to incur the costs associated with having them done by a professional.

Please note that I sell predominantly pre-owned guitars. These are not personal instruments so, although they are inspected and tested, it is possible that I might miss a small nick or ding or, in the case of older guitar there may be just to many blems to photograph all of them. I will not be responsible for any shipping charges because you want to send the guitar back because you found a nick or ding that I did not describe or show in a photo.

We offer a 48 hour approval period(regardless of what e-bay says).

Please feel free to call me between 10:00AM and 6:00PM Eastern time with any questions or for an in hand description or e-mail me with any questions. 

Shipping is via FEDEX or UPS Ground unless you have specific needs which I will try to accommodate.  


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