2017 Rickenbacker 325V63 “Miami”



Color: Black


Location: Syosset, NY

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About This Vintage Ad

2017 Rickenbacker 325V63 “Miami”: This guitar is just like the John Lennon model without the signature. It has three toaster pickups and a short scale neck and Kaufman vibrato. I just set this guitar up with 10 gauge strings. Both truyss rods are working properly. The guitar shows no fret wear and is super clean. You might find a tiny nick and some faint surface scratches. It weighs only 6lbs., 9oz. They are hollow as I understand it. This guitar will ship in the original Rickenbacker hard shell case as shown.

Guitars can experience slight changes during shipping that may require minor adjustments.  In addition, I can not predict how you like your guitar set up.  Be advised that minor adjustments or a set-up to your liking may be required and the costs associated with these adjustments should be expected.

Please note that I sell predominantly pre-owned guitars. These are not personal instruments so, although they are inspected and tested, it is possible that I might miss a small nick or ding or, in the case of older guitar there may be just to many blems to photograph all of them. I will not be responsible for any shipping charges because you want to send the guitar back because you found a nick or ding that I did not describe or show in a photo.

Under no circumstances will I be responsible for any shipping charges, send or return, unless this item is damaged in shipping.

We offer a 48 hour approval period.

Please feel free to e-mail me with any questions or for an in hand description.

Shipping is via FEDEX or UPS Ground unless you have specific needs which I will try to accommodate.

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