Ampeg Dan Armstrong Bass guitar OHC EC+



Color: clear


Location: 1021 S Main St China Grove NC 28023

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About This Vintage Ad

So in 1972 I bought Black Sabbath’s Volume IV album, and there was Geezer playing one of these- my favorite band then and now, and I was ate up with a hardcore bass jones, and a year later one found it’s way to me, and I still have it. I have always had a deep visceral love for these guitars and basses. This is maybe the cleanest I have ever had for sale, a really nice example. Mine is a 1969, the D92XA number is only a couple hundred past mine, so could be a 1969, but have not pulled it apart to check date codes. Plays great, virtually no fret wear, man I love it! The case had a textured gray covering, unlike the smooth black of mine but the inside is cut out to cradle the body, so no doubt to me it’s not the original case. One of my guitars has a blue checked vinyl case. Thanks for looking!

Coleman Music
1021 South Main St.
China Grove, NC, 28023

704 857 5705

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