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Location: https://www.robinrankow.com/


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About This Vintage Ad

Having your item(s) appraised involves deep research seeking factors such as the artist or maker, time period, materials, condition as well as authenticity, and provenance or documented ownership history. 

Being USPAP compliant will ensure your appraisal will be acceptable for insurance, tax and litigation purposes; donating, selling and/or inheritance. 

Appraisals may be conducted in person (702), as well as virtual (worldwide) for your safety and convenience. 

To begin, simply email a photo or two of your item(s) and/or a brief description, and I will be in touch with you requesting an answer of several questions. If you have many items to be appraised or valuated, such as for an estate or similar need, please advise. 

If your item(s) is out of my forte, I will let you know immediately. There are some items I do not appraise.

I look forward to working with you! 


You may email me at RobinRankow@gmail.com 

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