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Location: Vilshofen an der Donau BY

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A nice pair…

Bronson Deluxe               Mid30ies

Oahu Jumbo Deluxe       Mid30ies

Oahu and Bronson are closely related, started by half brothers (Oahu) who later, in the early 30ies, split up into the two companies. Their guitars were Chicago made, by Regal, Stromberg-Voisinet or the Kay Custom Shop (in which the top end guitars were made by old world immigrants who had made guitars in Europe).

Both guitars have the same size , body-width , body-depth, nut-width, even string-spacing and scale-length, the original 12fret round-neck, as well as the same peghead-size and shape. The instruments are both in excellent condition . The construction and dimensions explain why these guitars are often referred to as  ‘Nick Lucas’ versions, since it shares that guitar’s dimensions. These x-braced models are consistantly excellent guitars and were not “bargain basement” instruments by any means. They feature an L-00 size top, but a body as deep as a dreadnaught and a long 25.75″ scale length.

The Bronson Deluxe sports rosewood back and sides , spruce top, washburn-style ebony bridge, mahagony-neck with a white-bound ebony fretboard, multiple white/black celluloid-bindings around the top and back, multiple white and black soundhole-rosette and floral ornamented rectangular mop-inlays at the 3rd, 5th , 7th ,12th and 15th fret. Symetric Floral Abalone pearl-inlays and an oval-inlay with the G.E.Bronson logo in the center, on the peghead.

The Oahu Jumbo deluxe sports shaded curly maple back and sides (the back is 3 ply), spruce top, mahagony neck, ebony fingerboard, rosewood pyramid bridge, pearl trim around the top, a pearl rosette, symmetric floral Abalone inlays on the headstock and along the fingerboard.

Oahu and Bronson high-end models are the pinnacle of 30’s custom shop craftsmanship. The fit and finish, the painstakingly crafted abalone shell work are every bit the equal of Martin work. These mid 30ies premium guitars are also extremely rare, especially the round-neck models.

Both guitars are in excellent shape, apart from small nicks and honest play-wear, no cracks, no repairs or alterations anyhow,  even the GroverStaTite tuners are original and working.

Both guitars are a joy to play and resonate mature and fully opened. The Bronson , with a warm and woody sound and silky highs and the Oaho with a comparable warmness in the bass , but more bity mids and crisp highs, make in fact a nice versatile pair of guitars for the player ..not only for the collector, one in its original, the other in a modern TKL-Hardcase.

The price for both guitars together, rare and unique is


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