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Color: Multiple


Location: 15 Adventure Ridge Rd. Brevard, NC 28712

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About This Vintage Ad

1. Brown and Gold
2. Brown and Black
3. Black and Red
4. Black and Gold
5. Yellow and Gold
6. Yellow and Black

Multiple options and colors

$1315.00    Plus $50.00 for shipping


  • Reinforced Multi-layer Fiberglass Shell
  • Premium Velvet Interior
  • Nickel Plated Steel Latches and D-rings
  • Rubber Latch Bumpers and Corner Bumpers
  • Nylon Shoulder Strap
  • Hand Stitched Leather Handle


  • Made in the USA in Austin, TX
  • Custom fit for the specified instrument
  • Road-ready latches protected by rubber bumpers
  • Padded pick box for storage
  • Neck guide suspender headstock in case
  • D-rings and shoulder strap for carrying (optional backpack straps)
  • Wide range of finishes to match our style


  • Crush Resistance
    Cases can withstand up to 1100 lbs of pressure.
  • Drop Protection
    Your instrument is kept safe in drops up to 9 ft.
  • Temperature Testing
    Case maintains a gradual increase or decrease in internal temperature for up to 90 minutes.
  • Humidity Testing
    Case maintains an ideal 50% interior humidity amid changes of external temperature from 30°F-105°F
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