Fender 6G12-A Concert 1963 Brownface 4×10″ Vintage Combo Amplifier




Location: Charlotte NC

About This Vintage Ad


Of all the Fender amps I’ve owned, this one takes the cake. Yup. I am confident it doesn’t get better than this amp. This amp features the best possible tremolo circuit ever made. Rich, true harmonic vibrato makes for exceptionally great tones; I prefer keeping speed and intensity low for a warbly—but full—pedal steel sound. For exclusive six string slingers, this amp’ll handle any Les Paul, Strat, Tele…you name it, it’ll do it. Throw in a Fender Reverb Unit and you’ve got what the Super Reverb can only dream of becoming.

Coming from someone who has owned many Fender amps, this is one of the cleanest, best-sounding examples we’ve ever had in stock. Truly beats any tweed or BF amp I’ve owned, but I guess tone is subjective. I’m not sure, I just know what sounds good.

As for its service history, here’s my two cents: I think this amp was serviced perfectly—beautifully bridging collector and player interests alike. Filter caps, bias circuit, tremolo circuit, three-prong cord, handle…all completely necessary modifications to enjoy this amp for decades on. Lot of pretty blue molded capacitors and all-original iron, this baby’s ready to go. Runs quiet and sounds absolutely phenomenal.

It’s also important to mention that my tech and friend Paul Gussler of Oldfield Amplifiers and myself believe this amp to be a Q1 1963 build based on the transformer EIA #s.

As with every guitar and amp that comes through my hands, I just want this to go to a good home. Whether it’s a working musicians treasure or a studio’s secret weapon, it needs to be played and enjoyed.

I will thoroughly examine this amplifier one last time before packaging to ensure condition remains “Very Good.”

This will be professionally packaged in a sturdy cardboard box.

Please see my ratings and message me with any questions. Our store phone # is (704) 962-0535.

Shipped fast and free from Charlotte, NC.

FedEx is our preferred shipping method and is free for 48 CONUS. We offer expedited & international shipping at buyer’s expense. After quote is generated and payment completed, all excess shipping cost is promptly refunded to buyer.

We charge a 15% restocking fee for “try-before-you-buy” returns. I.e., buyer’s remorse or not reading description in full. This 15% restocking fee applies to all used & vintage + brand new listings.

Thanks for looking!

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