Fender American Standard Stratocaster – SOLD




Location: Niceville FL

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About This Vintage Ad

When we went to purchase this guitar, the owner opened the case and said, “I’ve only taken it out of the case five times since I bought it new.”  When I reached down to pull it out of the case, he said, “That makes six times,” and I believed him. This Strat looks like it was made yesterday, not 10 years ago and it comes in our very favorite color combination, Olympic White with a gorgeous dark Rosewood fretboard.

This is a solid instrument that will deliver time and again. We only had to tweak the setup, install new strings and oil the fretboard- it was still that ready to go. It weighs in under 8 lbs and has most of the case candy that originally came with the package. It’s what you want and expect in a quality and affordable Strat package: an instrument that’s clean, straight, and with no excuses. Please check out the pictures to get a sense of what will be arriving at your door.

As always, we thank you for stopping by and please call, email or PM with any questions!

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