Fender Bullet S-2 – SOLD




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About This Vintage Ad

“Leave it to Fender in the early ’80s- trying date these guitars can be like playing a game of Clue. ’81 serial number, ’82 pots, and an ’83 neck date- we’re going with 1983. Let’s call this one the Hodgepodge from Fullerton…

That said, playing this little Bullet is about as much fun as you can have for around a Grand- as it was put to me by the seller; It’s basically a full-scale Tele neck on a student-sized body. Now everything makes sense and the guitar is set up perfectly. The twin pickups have a great “zing” to them and the tone is bright and spanky.

The condition is excellent and the guitar is exceptionally clean for a 38-year-old instrument. It’s been cleaned, restrung with fresh strings and set up, so it will arrive ready and rarin’ to go. The package includes the original 3-latch case, owner’s manual and chord booklet. This booklet was in the case when we got it, so it’ll stay in the case as we sell it. You know- keeping packages complete since 2000!

As always, thanks for stopping by and please call, email or PM with any questions!”

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