Fender Jaguar 1962 3-Color Sunburst Slab Board + Clay Dots Vintage Offset Free Shipping 48 CONUS




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Dave’s Guitars Charlotte is proud to offer our first pre-CBS Fender Jaguar—an all-original instrument made recently available to our customers. These funky offsets have started attracting a lot of attention in recent years, and they’re only going to keep appreciating in value—and for good reason!

This guitar appears to be in all-original condition. In fact, it’s in such fine original shape, I am 95% certain both pickups have never been pulled from this guitar even one time. Okay, maybe back in “the day,” but certainly not in the past few decades. Neck PU was so tight due to shrunken pickguard that it actually sealed the foam leaving it hydrated and completely intact. As for the bridge PU, it was so tight that the foam actually stuck to the PU and gold grounding plate; in maintaining the bridge PU assembly’s structural integrity, I chose not to separate the foam.

All else including switches, rhythm-side pots, wiring etc appears to be in all-original condition. As for the three lower switches, the plate was so firmly attached to the finish that I didn’t want to risk damaging anything by removing it. I am not sure if these three particular switches are original, but I would bet they are.

As for how it plays, I like to think of it this way: combine the body and short-scale length of a Mustang with the playability and tone similar to a Strat. I love Jaguar pickups so much that I made sure to get an old Fender pedal steel with the same PU because I’m not sure better tone
exists. Truly an amazing, wonderful vintage Jaguar with tons of rich, buttery tone.

There is a fair amount of wear ‘n’ tear on this sixty-year-old Jaguar, and as expected, there are some single coil hum sounds characteristic of an old Fender from the early ’60s; PURE VINTAGE WOULD ONLY ALLOW ME TO UPLOAD ONE YOUTUBE VIDEO TO THIS LISTING…I HAVE ANOTHER SPECIFICALLY DOCUMENTING THE “HUM.” MESSAGE ME FOR THE SECOND VIDEO! I WILL SEND YOU A DIRECT LINK.

Comes with its original light brown hardshell case in decent condition.

Being picky, its cosmetic condition is 7/10–yes, there are are scratches, dings, and signs of usage over the past several decades. This is a used guitar.

Weight – **I will post specs when I am with the guitar next

Neck Radius – **I will post specs when I am with the guitar next

Neck Profile – **I will post specs when I am with the guitar next

Nut Width – **I will post specs when I am with the guitar next

Scale Length (nut to saddles) – **I will post specs when I am with the guitar next

Fret Size – **I will post specs when I am with the guitar next

S/n: 82294

I thoroughly examine all outgoing shipments one last time before packaging to ensure condition meets our listed condition; this listing’s condition is Good.

This will be professionally packaged in a sturdy cardboard box.

Please see my ratings and message me with any questions. Our store phone # is (704) 962-0535.

Shipped fast and free from Charlotte, NC.

FedEx is our preferred shipping method and is free for 48 CONUS. We offer expedited & international shipping at buyer’s expense. After quote is generated and payment completed, all excess shipping cost is promptly refunded to buyer.

We charge a 15% restocking fee for “try-before-you-buy” returns. I.e., buyer’s remorse or not reading description in full. This 15% restocking fee applies to all used & vintage + brand new listings.

Thanks for looking!

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